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Passive technology is evolving with V-Air® SOLID Evolution. The recyclable EVA cartridge with an organic core derived from seaweed, multi-phasing air freshener technology and sub-micron fragrances, allow for a superior scenting experience



  • Coverage of up to 170m³. | 6,000 cubic feet for up to 60 days
  • V-Air® SOLID Evolution is free of aerosols, batteries, liquids, harmful propellants and wicks
  • Only requires natural airflow to operate. Organic core made from seaweed, recyclable EVA outer cartridge
  • Part of the Professional Passive Programme™. Suited scents across different passive aircare platforms creates a harmony of fragrance


Fragrance Descriptions:


Bergamot & Sandalwood:

The Bergamot & Sandalwood fragrance consists of fresh top notes of citrus lemon with a woody base makes this an alluring aroma

Notes: Citrus, lemon, woody, sandalwood, bergamot, white musk


Citrus Mango:

The Citrus Mango fragrance consists of a fruity cocktail of citrus, mango and berries, with punches of lime, peaches and vanilla. The multi-phasing cocktail is subtly wrapped up with a kick of mango musk

Notes: Citrus, berry, fruity, lime, mango, peaches, vanilla


Apple Orchard:

The Apple Orchard fragrance consists of taut apple, with hints of rich clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and finishing with vanilla

Notes: Apple, clove, cinnamon, fruity, musky, seasonal, vanilla, winter


Marine Musk:

A musky wave of the aquatic merges with citrus, lemon and orange notes. Rose and jasmine infuse with fir, lavender and coumarin to produce this unique Marine Musk fragrance

Notes: citrus, lemon, orange, jasmine


Linen Breeze:

The Linen Breeze fragrance consists of a fresh & lively linen, breezing into your surroundings to produce a hit of clean linen, creating a relaxing & uplifting atmosphere

Notes: Linen, fresh, floral, cotton, musky

V-Air Solid Evolution Refills

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