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The UltraSpeed Safe Mop is specially developed to solve the cleaning challenges associated with many surfaces and applications including: - Cleaning of safety floors in kitchen and bathrooms. - Cleaning of shower areas within patient rooms in healthcare. - Removal of stubborn dirt from textured/rough/ profileݠfloors. - Alternative for brushes on tiles and other textures surfaces (E.g. around swimming pools). The secret to the high performance is a unique combination of abrasive monofilaments embedded into a microfibre cut pile. The monofilaments scrub the surface to release the dirt which the microfibre cut pile material picks up and removes. In additional to being low friction on these ""high frictionݦquot; structured floors Safe Mop is highly resistant to a wide range of cleaning chemicals including chlorine and bleaches.


Product Benefits

  • High performance maintenance cleaning of safety and structured flooring
  • Extra strong fibers for long durability and superior scrubbing effect
  • Can replace brushes for tiles and other textures surfaces
  • Machine washable over 100 times

Ultraspeed Safe Mop

SKU: F073
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