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For quick and efficient mopping, try the Vileda Professional UltraSpeed Pro single bucket kit, a cleaning system that works up to 60% faster than alternative mops.


With a microfibre mop pad, a frame and complete bucket system, this kit has everything you need to clean faster than ever before


  • The fastest bucket and press microfibre mopping system
  • Able to clean over 750 m2 per hour in a single step or 360 m2 two step process
  • Fast wringing - simple to use and twice as fast
  • Efficient press - releases up to 50 % more water
  • Floors dry faster & reduce slip hazards
  • Hygienic & no hand contact with mops or cleaning solution
  • Easy to use - no training required
  • Ergonomic & lightweight, no bending to wring


Kit Includes:

  • 25Ltr Bucket
  • Chassis
  • Press
  • Ultraspeed Microfibre mop pad (MicroLite)
  • Ultraspeed Mop frame
  • Aluminium Universal Pole

Ultraspeed Pro Starter Kit

SKU: F1216
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