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P-Screen® is the world’s first triple action urinal screen, offering 60 days splash back protection with a dual fragrance & enzyme protection.


Featuring Triple Action Technology, the active central core in the P-Screen® urinal screen is not only designed to reduce bacteria, but also provides a secondary fragrance for urinal areas.


The multi-award winning* P-Screen® helps to prevent blockages in urinals & uric salt build up in pipes. P-Screen® can also be used effectively in waterless urinals.



  • Triple Action Technology - dual fragrance & enzyme protection (via active central core).
  • Recyclable.
  • Deep bubble & bristle design for optimum splash back protection.
  • Part of 'The Professional Passive Programme™' providing a harmony of fragrance.


Fragrance Descriptions:


Marine Musk:

A musky wave of the aquatic merges with citrus, lemon and orange notes. Rose and jasmine infuse with fir, lavender and coumarin to produce this unique Marine Musk fragrance


Linen Breeze:

The freshness of this lively linen, breezes into your surroundings to produce a hit of clean linen, creating a relaxing & uplifting atmosphere


Citrus Mango:

This fruity cocktail starts with a burst of citrus peel and juicy berries, opening the way to a lively lime with vanilla ice cream, and departing with a punch of peach and mango musk


Ice Cool:

Light & fresh, the crisp scent is a delicate balance, with a mix of musk & floral and notes of mandarin, bergamot, green tea and jasmine


Fragrance to Colour:

  • Linen Breeze - Light Blue
  • Marine Musk - Deep Blue
  • Citrus Mango - Yellow
  • Ice Cool - Grey (Purple-ish core)

P-Screen Urinal Mat (Pk 2) (60 Day)

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