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North Shore’s Mechanical Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser is a high capacity dispenser that reduces the need for janitorial maintenance, making it ideal for high footfall areas. The single sheet presentation means that you only touch what you use, delivering exceptional hygiene performance. Available in three colourways, the stylish flat sheet presentation also makes for a premium washroom experience.


Key Features:

  • Simple to use stub roll transfer ensures zero waste & maximum cost efficiency
  • Controlled sheet length reduces waste
  • Dispenses a single flat sheet, at a consistent 25cm towel length
  • Presents paper 'towel out'
  • Dispenses paper without the need to touch the dispenser, delivering the most hygienic dispensing solution - limiting the spread of washroom bacteria
  • A translucent cover (Black / Blue) and clear window in all dispensers allow for 'at-a-glance' replenishment checks without the need to open the dispenser
  • Simple to operate for all ages and abilities
  • Simple and fast replenishment
  • Stub roll transfer
  • High capacity, makes the dispenser suitable for high traffic areas, and reduces the frequency of replenishments required
  • Rolls kept locked, clean and protected until required


Material: ABS Plastic


Height: 360mm

Width: 300mm

Depth: 230mm


Max Capacity: 1 Roll x up to 190m

Mechanical Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser

SKU: P192
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