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Advanced, economical lever operated roll towel dispenser. Suitable for hightraffic areas. Lever treated with BioprufTM to inhibit microbe growth. Holds up to 240m of product.


One of the Leonardo range of roll towel dispensers. A proven, reliable and hygienic choice that reduce waste and icreases efficiencies verses centrefeed dispensers by up to 60%


Low cost in use

  • Stub roll facility eliminates waste
  • Towel dispensed flat, maximises surface area
  • Controlled sheet length regulates consumption


Extra Hygiene

  • Wipe clean surface 
  • Rolls enclosed within the unit
  • Towel in for enhanced hygiene
  • Lever treated with BioPrufTM to inhibit microbe growth and for enhanceduser protection
  • Tidiness - no loose towels on the floor
  • User only touches paper used, reducing cross contamination


Enhanced Practicality

  • Lockable units to reduce the risk of damage / pilfering
  • Stylish, durable, transparent cover - frosted finish to prevent surface scratches
  • Simple to change roll
  • High capacity means less refills are required 
  • Stub roll facility


Size: 41.9 x 32.9 x 23.5 cm (H x W x D)


Supply: 1x Lever Control unit DSRA12


The Leonardo Range


With twin toilet roll systems, one at a time hand towel dispensing, a range of intelligent roll towel solution and a highly efficient foam soap dispenser, the Leonardo range offers a suited package for any commercial, industrial or away from home facility.

Lever Control Roll Dispenser DSRA12

SKU: P046
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