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Medium platform broom, wood back, filled Bassine fibre. Bassine is used for sweeping mud and rubble in dry conditions. It is durable, and does not crush easily.


This well made, well filled broom, with longer than average trim length, makes the best of Bassines advantages and is typically used on concrete and tarmac, in garages, factories, warehouses and yards, and a great deal in the construction industry


Sizes Avaliable:          H5/3 - 18"          H5/5 - 24"          H5/9 - 36"


Recommended handle:   A48/2 or A60/2

Recommended Socket / stay:   SNB1  or  PLST6  or  STYS2


Length:  18" / 24" / 36"

Width:  75mm

Height:  127mm


Trim Length:  102mm

H5/.. Trade Medium Bassine Broom

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