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​​​​​​DSTA06 Versatwin Dispenser has been made to specifically accomodate the Versatwin Toilet Tissue as System product, this dispenser has been Bio Kleen Treated and also has a one roll use feature


  • 250m 2 ply capacity
  • One roll used at a time
  • Infinity paper system
  • Bio Kleen treated transfer handle
  • 21 x 32.4 x 14.6 cm (H x W x D)


Key Features of Versatwin System:


  • Neat, compact dispenser takes up minimum space
  • Twin roll capacity for exceptional functionality & no wastage
  • Transport design so you can easily see when a roll needs changing 
  • 'Key lock' prevents pilfering
  • Unique slide mechanism prevents simultaneous use of both rolls

DSTA06 Versatwin Dispenser

SKU: P045
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