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Airloop® is a toilet bowl clip air freshener providing an effective fragrance solution for most toilet bowl shapes & sizes for up to 30 days


Facility Type:

Gyms, Hotels, Offices, Washrooms, Trash Cans, Lockers / Locker Rooms ect...



  • High quality fragrance delivery for up to 30 days.
  • Fits almost any toilet bowl (shape or size).
  • Clip and go, clip and throw™ technology - Airloop® clips to the toilet bowl tightly yet is easy to replace in one simple action.


Fragrance Descriptions:


Marine Musk:

A musky wave of the aquatic merges with citrus, lemon and orange notes. Rose and jasmine infuse with fir, lavender and coumarin to produce this unique Marine Musk fragrance


Linen Breeze:

The freshness of this lively linen, breezes into your surroundings to produce a hit of clean linen, creating a relaxing & uplifting atmosphere


Citrus Mango:

This fruity cocktail starts with a burst of citrus peel and juicy berries, opening the way to a lively lime with vanilla ice cream, and departing with a punch of peach and mango musk


Fragrance to Colour:

  • Citrus Mango - Yellow
  • Linen Breeze - Light Blue
  • Marine Musk - Deep Blue

Airloop "Toilet Bowl" Clip (Pk 5)

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